Questions to Ask If You Are Interested in Karate for Your Child


Perhaps your child is asking if they can take karate lessons and you are wondering what style, what school, what is this all about?  Most importantly, what is best for my child?  Certainly an abundant amount of Martial Arts schools exist in the Northern Virginia area, but how do you pick the “right” one?
All Martial Arts, if taught by caring, thoughtful, service oriented instructors, can do your child good.  All styles of Martial Arts, especially those with “do” (pronounced “doe”) in the name, have in their heritage a certain code of conduct expected of the practitioner.  All the Martial Arts teach some form of self-defense and self-discipline. Of course, we can’t forget all martial arts just look pretty cool to your child.  What child expressing an interest in Martial Arts doesn’t want to be able to spin around and break boards with their bare hands or feet?  We know that activities your child enjoys will hold their interest and keep them doing it.
The truth is, the Martial Art style doesn’t matter as much, it is really the school that matters most.  Your child needs to enjoy it and you need to feel comfortable.  A family atmosphere and an inclusive, supportive, strong community are indicators of a healthy environment for your child.  The instructors need to be knowledgeable not only about their Art, but also about child development. They need to have proven experience and be able to devote one on one time to your child.  The instructors need to be able to inspire students to learn and grow in a way that suits them best.  The school needs to foster a lifelong enjoyment of healthy physical activity.  All these things should be apparent before you make any financial commitment.
So say you find a school that seems to make your child happy and you feel comfortable.  What next?  Will this just be an “enrichment” activity your child does after school a couple of days a week?  Or will it be an activity that your child not only enjoys but also has a positive impact on all aspects of their life? Will it continue to hold their interest after they enter their pre-teen and teen years?  Does the school offer opportunities for your child to excel in a sport done around the world?  While these questions might not seem important now, will your child have positive role models they can easily identify with and emulate as they grow and mature?
We encourage you to explore our web site and learn what Ichiban Karate is about. Then come by and try us out.  See if we are what you are looking for in a karate school and if we are what Martial Arts are all about.