WUKF World Karate Championships in Dundee, Scotland

Chloe Jornales


Four of our athletes competed as part of the 2018 Amateur Athletic Union Karate Team representing the United States in Dundee, Scotland. Emma Bell, Marita Grover, Jordan Codella, and Chloe Jornales won spots on the team at team trials in Florida.

Chloe Jornales placed second in Female Kata All Styles. 13-14 year olds.   






WUKF World Karate Championships in Dublin, Ireland

Jessie Burkett-Erice and Marita Grover

AAU National Team Members

Five of our athletes competed as part of the 2016 Amateur Athletic Union Karate Team representing the United States in Dublin Ireland. The event was attended by over 2200 of the best athletes from around the world. Dwight Grover Sensei, Marita Grover Sensei, Matthew Pinney Sempai, Jessie Burkett-Erice Sempai and Jordan Codella earned spots on the team by placing first or second in the 2015 AAU National Championships.  

Marita Grover placed second in Female Kata Shito-Ryu 18 - 20 year olds, and Jessie Burkett-Erice placed second in Female Kumite Shobu Sanbon 15 -17 year olds.   







 WUKF World Karate Championships in Szczecin, Poland 

Marita Grover WUKF Champion

One of our athletes, Marita Grover, competed as part of the 2014 Amateur Athletic Union Karate Team representing the United States in Szczecin Poland. She competed with other top athletes from 36 different countries around the world.  Over 1200 athletes participated in this World Championship.

Marita Grover placed first in Female Kumite heavy weight 18 to 20 year olds, second in Female Team Kumite 18- 20 year olds, and third in Shito-Ryu Female Kata 18 to 20 year olds.




 Junior Pan American Karate Federation Championships in Medellin Colombia 

Matthew Pinney Jr Pan American Bronze Medalist

Two of our athletes competed as part of the 2013 USA-NKF National Team representing the United States.  They competed with other top athletes from all over the Americas, including Canada, Central America and South America.
The results were:
Matthew Pinney (Bronze 12-13 Male Kumite -50kg)
Todd Pinney (fourth 16-17 Male Kumite +76kg)



WKC Junior, Cadet, Children World Championship in Caorle Italy


Seven of our advanced students were invited to represent the USA Team that participated in the WKC Junior, Cadet and Children World Championships in Caorle Italy from October 22 to October 24, 2010.  Of the six that were able to attend, five medaled at the competition. Over 1600 athletes from around the world participated.
The results were:
Grace Codella (Gold: 10-11 Female Kumite; Gold: 10-11 Female Kata)
Attiya Shah (Gold: 12-13 Female Kumite; Silver: 12-13 Female Kata)
Megan Snyder (Gold: 14-15 Female Shito-Ryu Kata)
Marita Grover (Silver: 14-15 Female Shito-Ryu Kata)
Rianna Shah (Bronze: 14-15 Female Shito-Ryu Kata)
Demi Juranek (fourth: 14-15 Female Shito-Ryu Kata)