Mission Statement:

We at Ichiban Karate firmly believe that learning and living karate-do can help each student attain their maximum potential in mind, body and spirit. We are dedicated to upholding the standards established by the Saito-ha Traditional Karate Federation International and are committed to the instruction of karate-do with the utmost integrity and understanding for all students.

We strive to teach our students all aspects of one type of Budo, karate-do, or "Empty Hand Way". In its broad sense, Budo means "martial way". This includes not only the more commonly recognized techniques of blocks, punches and kicks, but also falling, tumbling, and jumping. Central to all the techniques is Self Defense. We also teach releases from grabs, breaking techniques and pressure points. Our system teaches all students, no matter their age or skill level, to be able to defend themselves.

The "do" or "way" part of karate-do also plays a critical role in all aspects of our teaching.  The "do" refers to the character building features of the Martial Arts: self confidence, empathy, commitment and humility. We seek to inspire every student to learn and grow in their own way so they may reach their maximum potential in mind, body and spirit.